Out With the Old

Whether or not you ascribe to New Year’s resolutions, it’s hard not to do a brief evaluation of the state of your life compared to where it was at the beginning of last year when the new year rolls around. Of utmost importance to many of us is the state of our relationships, particularly those … Continue reading Out With the Old

Tales From the Field

Sometimes I feel almost obligated to be dating. I am not monogamous. I write about non-monogamy. Am I less credible if I only have one partner? Of course, the answer is no. Regardless, every few months I try to put some effort into meeting potential new romantic partners. I tidy up my online profile, add … Continue reading Tales From the Field

Celebrating the Holidays with Bells and Bows

Four weeks is a long time. I’ve done long distance before. My ex-husband and I did it for two years. It was different. Every night we’d talk on the phone. I spent my free time doing school work and watching TV because I hadn’t figured out masturbation yet which blows my mind now. We never … Continue reading Celebrating the Holidays with Bells and Bows

How Not To Make Me Fall in Love

The importance of knowing what you want in a relationship and noticing when someone is not on the same page cannot be overstated. A few years ago, I met T.J. the D.J. on OKCupid. I’d been online dating for a couple weeks and was going on several dates a week. T.J. the D.J. was, among … Continue reading How Not To Make Me Fall in Love

A Secret on a Bookshelf

A few months ago, my partner and I stumbled upon an estate sale on our way back from looking at potential houses to rent. Like all estate sales, the inhabitants’ possessions were up for grabs to the lowest bidder, often displayed where said possession had been for decades. Everything from decorative broaches missing beads to … Continue reading A Secret on a Bookshelf