The Other Pill

I was listening to the Diane Reame show awhile back and heard a fascinating, yet slightly disturbing, debate over the drug fibanserin, also known as female Viagra. The drug has been rejected by the FDA on multiple occasions because of possible side effects such as fainting and nausea. Supporters of the drug believe the FDA is dragging their feet … Continue reading The Other Pill

A Certain Nursery Rhyme Revisited

To have a satisfying relationship you first have to know what you want. When you first start dating the goal is simple. Nothing short of heart stopping, circumstance defying, shout it from the rooftops love to last the ages will suffice. After a few heartbreaks expectations inevitably begin to dwindle and qualities such as employment … Continue reading A Certain Nursery Rhyme Revisited

Dating for Grownups

Dating as a grownup is uncharted territory. For most of existence, people married young, then made babies. Marriages were arranged around economics. Love was a fairy tale that had no practicality in the lives of peasants whose feet did not fit the glass slipper. The nobility could love whomever they pleased, but marriage was reserved … Continue reading Dating for Grownups