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Is Dating Really As Bad As People Say?

Dating has a bad rap. It’s all over my Facebook feed. Clickbait for those who have yet to find their one true love. I’m sure because of the nature of my research Google goes out of its way to ensure I see everything anyone with an internet connection has to say about dating these days.… Continue reading Is Dating Really As Bad As People Say?

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Dating Profile User Manual

While at RelateCon, I listened to a couple presentations by Cunning Minx and Lusty Guy, co-hosts of the podcast Polyamory Weekly. There were many useful nuggets of information and one of my favorites was writing a user manual for yourself which can be embedded in a dating profile. Ideally, it will allow potential suitors to… Continue reading Dating Profile User Manual

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My Little Friend

My first legit vibrator was a Fun Factory Tiger G4. It was the toy responsible for my first ever clitoral orgasm. One day post terrible breakup, it stopped working mid playtime. In my frustration, I started banging it against the floor. By some miracle of electronics, it came back to life. Over the next six… Continue reading My Little Friend

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Hack Your Mood With Masturbation

Growing up in a strict religious background, masturbation was not discussed during my adolescence aside from its inclusion in the list of sins that sent you straight to hell. Wanting to avoid eternal incineration, I kept my hands off myself. When I finally started having sex in my twenties, I was quite content to let… Continue reading Hack Your Mood With Masturbation

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Dating for Grownups

Dating as a grownup is uncharted territory. For most of existence, people married young, then made babies. Marriages were arranged around economics. Love was a fairy tale that had no practicality in the lives of peasants whose feet did not fit the glass slipper. The nobility could love whomever they pleased, but marriage was reserved… Continue reading Dating for Grownups