Cohabitation On The Rise

Times are changing. More and more people are choosing to get off the beaten path that leads to death do us part. If current rates hold steady, 25% of people currently age 25-34 will never marry. Fortunately, for those of us who want to have relationships without the pressure and legal obligations of a ring, shacking … Continue reading Cohabitation On The Rise

Living in Moments

The ability to worry is a curse on the human species. Sure, other animals may stress about immediate needs like food or shelter, but we have taken the ability to fear the unknown and perfected it to an art. We’ve morphed a necessary survival skill into a crippling stream of conscience that allows us to … Continue reading Living in Moments

The Land of the Freedoms I Approve

It never ceases to baffle me how differently people use the same words. The current administration has demonstrated this with painstaking clarity. However, when it comes to personal liberties and the pursuit of happiness, confusion around the word freedom goes back centuries. The founding fathers wanted freedom from the monarchy, specifically for themselves and other … Continue reading The Land of the Freedoms I Approve