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Self Love

Self-love is all the rage.  I've been doing this for years, but I called it bribing myself to get shit done. I have four tattoos all associated with major life events. This one is my present to myself for completing my book Catch & Release: How I Used Science to Hack My Love Life. It… Continue reading Self Love

Science of Poly, Sexy Pics

Tales From the Field

Sometimes I feel almost obligated to be dating. I am not monogamous. I write about non-monogamy. Am I less credible if I only have one partner? Of course, the answer is no. Regardless, every few months I try to put some effort into meeting potential new romantic partners. I tidy up my online profile, add… Continue reading Tales From the Field

Science of Poly, Sexy Pics

Love in the Time of Jazz

I recently stumbled upon a show called Z: The Beginning of Everything (there will be spoilers). The series is about the tumultuous relationship between Zelda Fitzgerald and her husband the late, great F. Scott Fitzgerald.  Of his, or should I say their work, I’ve only read The Great Gatsby. I’m enamored by the roaring 20s.… Continue reading Love in the Time of Jazz

Science of Poly, Sexy Pics

Use Your Words

I recently gave a presentation for Utah Sex Positive Education about how to get what you want in your relationships. One of the most important points was communication is essential from the onset of a relationship because people are dating for different reasons. For a long time, the end game was always marriage and a… Continue reading Use Your Words

Science of Poly, Sexy Pics

A Few Thoughts Concerning Lingerie

I have loved wearing sexy underthings since my purity ring was still firmly on my ring finger. My first boyfriend who knew I was a virgin was shocked when he first laid eyes on a pair of lacy pink panties. A good girl like me hiding sexy garments beneath my hippy skirts, who could imagine… Continue reading A Few Thoughts Concerning Lingerie

Science of Poly, Sexy Pics

Hack Your Mood With Masturbation

Growing up in a strict religious background, masturbation was not discussed during my adolescence aside from its inclusion in the list of sins that sent you straight to hell. Wanting to avoid eternal incineration, I kept my hands off myself. When I finally started having sex in my twenties, I was quite content to let… Continue reading Hack Your Mood With Masturbation