Catch & Release: How I Used Science to Hack My Love Life

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Audible Catch & Release: How I Used Science to Hack My Love Life

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About Me

Erving Goffman was a sociologist who first put to writing the idea of life as a stage on which we each play multiple roles. It’s lovely really to think of life as a masquerade where you change masks depending on the company, particularly for those of us who find ourselves participating in alternative lifestyles often misunderstood.

My masks are varied. To pay the bills, I put on the mask of a number cruncher for the man. When I go out to play on the weekends, my masks varies depending on whether I’m with friends who approve of my non-monogamous ways. With my family, the mask changes yet again, and I bow my head when they pray for dinner even though I’ve been an atheist for years.

In the past I’ve worn the masks of student and wife. Student was one of my favorites, as evidenced by the not one but two master’s degrees I collected. Wife worked out for awhile, but in the end, it was not a good fit. Turns out monogamy was not the right style for me, but the new mask I wear with the fellow I am in an open relationship with fits quite snugly.

It was not so simple as exchanging one for the other. been rife with heartbreak. A few years ago my life was rife with heartache and bad Tinder dates, so I decided to take on another mask, that of a writer. Not just any writer, mind you. I decided to do a literature review on the science of love. My book Catch and Release takes you on this journey.

Since then life has settled down quite a bit, and I live with a partner and our two cats and worry more about saving for the future than my next date. My next book adventure will be fantasy so the research is more focused towards Eastern European folklore versus academic papers about relationships. However, Catch & Release will always be an important work for me because it taught me how I love. E

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