Fantastic Tales of Polyamory

Spoilers!!! This post contains spoilers for the popular fantasy series Wheel of Time. Stories are important because the values of a culture are deeply interwoven into the characters and plot twists. No one sits a five-year-old down and tells them monogamy is the socially acceptable way to love when they grow up. However, young children … Continue reading Fantastic Tales of Polyamory

Variation in Human Sexuality

My upcoming book Catch and Release: How I Used Science to Hack My Love Life delves into the science of love. Researching and writing on this topic was alarmingly insightful, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. My book is on its way to being published, and I find myself missing the research as I fight my … Continue reading Variation in Human Sexuality

Dating Profile User Manual

While at RelateCon, I listened to a couple presentations by Cunning Minx and Lusty Guy, co-hosts of the podcast Polyamory Weekly. There were many useful nuggets of information and one of my favorites was writing a user manual for yourself which can be embedded in a dating profile. Ideally, it will allow potential suitors to … Continue reading Dating Profile User Manual

RelateCon 2017: Solo Poly- The Nights You Spend Alone

I had such a wonderful time at RelateCon. Here are the notes for my presentation on solo poly. Please contact me if you have any comments or questions. Thanks! My very first boyfriend and I had an open relationship, much to the disapproval of my religious friends, which was all of them. Even though I … Continue reading RelateCon 2017: Solo Poly- The Nights You Spend Alone

RelateCon 2017- Speak Up! How to Get What you Want Out of Your Relationships

I had such an amazing time at RelateCon! Events like this are crucial to the poly community, and I'm so appreciate to everyone who helped make it happen. Also, I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to speak. Attached are the slides from my presentation. Click Here for Presentation Slides