Catch & Release: THE AUDIOBOOK

After over a year of trial and error and literal tears, my audiobook is complete and available on Audible and iTunes!! Enjoy 🙂 Catch & Release: How I Used Science to Hack My Love Life Audiobook

The Division of Unpaid Labor: Part 1

From the Flinstones to the Brady Bunch Living together as grownups is something we’ve been doing for generations. For a very long time, humans lived in small groups. Survival of these groups relied on a distribution of labor between everyone in the group. If you did not pitch in or hoarded resources, you were out. …

Hope, Even in the Era of Kavanaugh

painted nails resting on black lace dress

My three-part series about cohabitation will start next week!! In the meantime, here is what I have to say about recent political events. I’m wearing black today. The cautious optimism I’ve been able to maintain is beginning to fracture. Despite all the hard work we’ve done for centuries, important battles are still lost. Truly awful …

In Case of Emergency: The Importance of an Advanced Health Care Directive

Due to the nature of my job, I have to spend a lot of time dealing with what happens when people don’t have a surrogate medical decision maker in place. A surrogate decision maker makes the calls in the case you are unable to make your own health care decisions, i.e. if you were in …

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