The Division of Unpaid Labor: Part 1

From the Flinstones to the Brady Bunch Living together as grownups is something we’ve been doing for generations. For a very long time, humans lived in small groups. Survival of these groups relied on a distribution of labor between everyone in the group. If you did not pitch in or hoarded resources, you were out. … Continue reading The Division of Unpaid Labor: Part 1

painted nails resting on black lace dress

Hope, Even in the Era of Kavanaugh

My three-part series about cohabitation will start next week!! In the meantime, here is what I have to say about recent political events. I’m wearing black today. The cautious optimism I’ve been able to maintain is beginning to fracture. Despite all the hard work we’ve done for centuries, important battles are still lost. Truly awful … Continue reading Hope, Even in the Era of Kavanaugh

How Body Image Affects Your Sex Life

If you're having relationships woes, particularly in the bedroom, one problem you might not have considered is body image. A recent study discovered that the image you have of yourself can affect your sex life. If you don't feel comfortable in your skin, you won't be able to truly enjoy yourself when it's all you're … Continue reading How Body Image Affects Your Sex Life

Marriage Doesn’t Hold the Market on Happiness

You don't have to spend much time on any polyamory platform before you see someone lamenting over their singlehood or lack of an additional partner. If only they could find that special someone or someones to spend the rest of their life with, all their woes would be over. To their credit, romantic comedies and … Continue reading Marriage Doesn’t Hold the Market on Happiness

LGBTQ Adoption: Addition by Addition

Politics have been an unsettling topic recently. It seems a day doesn't go by where I don't cringe in rage to keep myself from screaming at my desk as another 'Breaking News' banner flashes across a news post on my Facebook feed. While it's not an excuse, usually I don't write about these topics. To … Continue reading LGBTQ Adoption: Addition by Addition

Preface to Catch & Release

“If I only knew, that happy ever after wasn’t you.” – Gin Wigmore 3/1/2014 The first time I saw them together, my heart stopped. It was a shock, even though the sexually charged atmosphere of the past two weekends left this outcome inevitable. This story began with marriage. At least for half its characters, fading … Continue reading Preface to Catch & Release