LGBTQ Adoption: Addition by Addition

Politics have been an unsettling topic recently. It seems a day doesn't go by where I don't cringe in rage to keep myself from screaming at my desk as another 'Breaking News' banner flashes across a news post on my Facebook feed. While it's not an excuse, usually I don't write about these topics. To … Continue reading LGBTQ Adoption: Addition by Addition

Is Nonmonogamy an Orientation?

Until recently, Western culture in the United States only had room for males and females. They were only allowed to entangle sexually with the opposite sex. Once a ring was involved, they were stuck with each other for life. Thanks to the indoctrination of the church, any variation in sexual identification or relationship preference were … Continue reading Is Nonmonogamy an Orientation?

The Price of Progress

  I'm not a political expert. While I am confident about where I stand when it comes to LGBTQ and women's health rights, my exact stance on gun control and how welfare should work is not so¬†formulated. These are complicated matters with many layers and never as black and white as either side seems to … Continue reading The Price of Progress