Review: Professor Marston and the Wonder Women (Spoilers)

Stories are important. The characters on screens and the pages of books and comics are there to validate social customs. Children learn much of what they know about how the world works from stories. For the past century, heterosexual monogamy has been the predominant theme surrounding romantic relationships. While it may seem this theme has … Continue reading Review: Professor Marston and the Wonder Women (Spoilers)

The Poignant Nature of Love

Roger met Susy at the senior center. Her silver hair was neatly kept in tight curls around her┬áhead, and she always wore a silk scarf around her neck. She liked John Wayne movies and visiting with the staff about their families. Roger started sitting by her whenever he could to strike up a conversation. He … Continue reading The Poignant Nature of Love

You Won’t Know Until You Try

Last week I listened to an episode of the podcast Hidden Brain that explained how humans are truly terrible at predicting their own future, in particular when it comes to guessing how the outcome of a difficult decision will make us feel. The guest host was social psychologist Dan Gilbert who teaches at Harvard. Whether … Continue reading You Won’t Know Until You Try