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My Little Friend

My first legit vibrator was a Fun Factory Tiger G4. It was the toy responsible for my first ever clitoral orgasm. One day post terrible breakup, it stopped working mid playtime. In my frustration, I started banging it against the floor. By some miracle of electronics, it came back to life. Over the next six months the same process repeated until finally, no matter how hard I tried, the Tiger would vibrate no more. Fortunately, the structural quality still allows for other uses, but the vibration function is what I need to get off.

After a brief relationship with the shower head, I decided it was time for a shopping expedition to my favorite adult toy shop. The Tiger was a little out of my price range this time around so I told the always informative and helpful staff I needed the most vibration for the least cost. A few moments later the NU Sensuelle Joie 15 Function Bullet was in my hand, and I was sold.

Unlike many bullets, this little device is rechargeable. The first three setting are escalating vibrating speeds. The next 12 functions are different vibration patterns for whatever suits your playtime needs. My only complaint is it only lasts around 25 minutes so you have to remember to charge it after every session. My partner has also tried it out and found it quite pleasurable.

While I will by no means call myself an expert, this is some great bang for the buck. I’d love your comments about your favorite toys!

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