Catch and Release

Two and a half years ago I got this crazy idea in my head to write a book. I’d found myself unexpectedly single and wondered if there was a better way to experience romantic relationships. There are plenty books about love and dating out there already but unfortunately many are written with outdated perspectives and lack sex positivity. So I decided to do some research and write my own book.

Catch and Release: How I Used Science to Hack my Love Life is a review of the most relevant biological, psychological, and social/cultural research about adult romantic relationships interspersed with the story of my own struggle to find love.

It’s been quite the journey. The ending surprised even me. There have been countless setbacks, and I could not have finished without the support of my close my friends and family. In particular, my wonderful partner has been a huge encouragement. He read through three different drafts and provided much needed feedback.

It’s with much excitement, I’m finally able to announce that the book is complete!!! The publisher has my final draft and is working on the layout. I will start recording the audiobook this week! Stay tuned for more details including the release date! Thanks so everyone who has been reading my blog and has provided support for me along the way!!!

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