Story Time

Celebrating the Holidays with Bells and Bows

Four weeks is a long time. I’ve done long distance before. My ex-husband and I did it for two years. It was different. Every night we’d talk on the phone. I spent my free time doing school work and watching TV because I hadn’t figured out masturbation yet which blows my mind now. We never did any type of long distance play. I’d heard of such things from other friends but never experienced it.

Current partner, we’ll call him Gil, introduced me to such things last year when he first started going away for work. Video chat has taken on a whole new function. When you video chat, there is a small video of yourself on the screen alongside the larger video of whomever you’re chatting with. I found seeing myself as we took part in mutual self-pleasure quite sexy. This is just the beginning of the fun.

Sexting is another art necessary for long distance. My ex-husband tried to introduce it a little too late into our relationship. I don’t want to give away too much from my upcoming book but let’s just say it was four months before things ended. It was an epic fail, and I wasn’t into it at all. As soon as I left him, my sex drive went into overdrive. The first guy I experimented with sexting on was someone I met in sci-fi speed dating at ComicCon. He ended up having to leave a work meeting early. Turns out my writing skills translate to text.

Gil and I always have fun with sexting but when he’s gone, we both turn it up a notch. Pictures of me in lingerie accompanied with suggestive stories of his wildest fantasies are his favorite. In turn, he’ll tell me all the things he’d like to do to me if he had the world at his disposal. The tales we weave via text message are sure to make anyone who might be intercepting them blush.

Written text can relay all sorts of intimate messages, but it’s nothing compared to the spoken word. When he’s gone, we talk on the phone. He’ll chat with me on my morning walk to pick up my macchiato from the barista down the street who knows what I want as soon I walk in the door. Gil loves to say very inappropriate things to me when I’m chatting with the barista and have to keep a straight face. I’ll be in his ear as he’s wandering between British pubs complimenting the style of women he notices.

While it passes the time, video chats, sexting, and telephone calls are nothing compared to the real thing. The last few days we were counting the hours until he returned. I’d purchased several sexy clothing items for his arrival, which luckily was on Black Friday. I don’t remember the last time I shopped on this most commercial of holidays, but there is a Victoria’s Secret downstairs from my apartment so I couldn’t resist.

Even though he was experiencing the kind of exhaustion only brought on by severe jetlag, when he got home, he immediately began making up for lost time and reminding me of why I had missed him so much while he was gone. It’s more than sex. Falling asleep in his arms is so preferable to curling up next to the Magic Wand he bought me for when he’s away. Cooking is more fun when he’s around because when he’s not using his hands for cutting veggies, they are on my body because he can’t keep them off of me. Even grocery shopping is better is because he does whatever he can possibly get away with those and a little more.

Over the weekend, we bought a real Christmas tree and decorated it while drinking mulled wine. I wore red fishnets with bows and bells. We bought an angel for the tree and spray painted it silver so it looks like a weeping angel from Doctor Who. Then we made a late Thanksgiving feast. He baked the most wonderful pumpkin cheesecake I’ve ever tasted. I wore a new harness I got for the occasion and Christmas themed boy short underwear. We watched all our favorite Christmas movies. In between activities, we enjoyed each other in the most carnal ways possible.

He leaves again for work this weekend and it will be back to pictures and whispered sexy stories. While it’s not the same as his arms around me, I’m glad we’re able to maintain our sex lives even when he’s on the other side of the world.


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