Living in Moments

The ability to worry is a curse on the human species. Sure, other animals may stress about immediate needs like food or shelter, but we have taken the ability to fear the unknown and perfected it to an art. We’ve morphed a necessary survival skill into a crippling stream of conscience that allows us to … Continue reading Living in Moments

The Land of the Freedoms I Approve

It never ceases to baffle me how differently people use the same words. The current administration has demonstrated this with painstaking clarity. However, when it comes to personal liberties and the pursuit of happiness, confusion around the word freedom goes back centuries. The founding fathers wanted freedom from the monarchy, specifically for themselves and other … Continue reading The Land of the Freedoms I Approve

The Edge

Everything about the way I do relationships has changed over the past few years. Monogamy is out the door. I no longer worry if I could raise children with a potential partner because I do not plan on having kids. My sexual preferences play a much more important role. The only people I imagine growing … Continue reading The Edge

A Love Story Almost Lost

I turn 32 today. My partner was sweet enough to promise me this morning that when I soon enter the geriatric ward and start to lose my senses he will pretend to be Harry Dresden and move things around my room when I’m not looking then say it was magic. He’s a keeper. I work … Continue reading A Love Story Almost Lost

Is Dating Really As Bad As People Say?

Dating has a bad rap. It’s all over my Facebook feed. Clickbait for those who have yet to find their one true love. I’m sure because of the nature of my research Google goes out of its way to ensure I see everything anyone with an internet connection has to say about dating these days. … Continue reading Is Dating Really As Bad As People Say?

Use Your Words

I recently gave a presentation for Utah Sex Positive Education about how to get what you want in your relationships. One of the most important points was communication is essential from the onset of a relationship because people are dating for different reasons. For a long time, the end game was always marriage and a … Continue reading Use Your Words

Fantastic Tales of Polyamory

Spoilers!!! This post contains spoilers for the popular fantasy series Wheel of Time. Stories are important because the values of a culture are deeply interwoven into the characters and plot twists. No one sits a five-year-old down and tells them monogamy is the socially acceptable way to love when they grow up. However, young children … Continue reading Fantastic Tales of Polyamory