Story Time

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, there were two sisters who lived in an orphanage in Eastern Europe. They had what we call today an intellectual disability. What it meant to them was they got to watch all the friends they ever made in the orphanage leave with families while they were left behind. Until one day when a nice man and woman chose them and of all places they got to move to America. It seemed perhaps they’d finally found a fairy godmother to make all their dreams come true. They watched with wonder out the windows of the airplane and finally believed magic might be real.

The nice couple brought them to a small town in Utah and introduced them to all their new brothers and sisters. But something wasn’t quite right. The parts of the fairy tales were all mixed up. Now they were scrubbing floors, and all of a sudden the big bad wolf was very real. He came into their bedrooms at night. Their supposed mother might as well have been Maleficent, Cinderella’s stepmother, and Ursula combined into one evil villainess because she knew what was happening and did nothing. Indifference, lack of action, this is complicity to the crime.

This went on for 15 years as their fairytale twisted into the actual Grimm’s Fairy Tales where monsters are real and Hansel and Gretel’s parents ate them, and oh how their father devoured them. Then one day the truth came out. But it turns out, being an LDS bishop has its special benefits. I wish I could blame the lack of justice in this situation solely on the LDS church but depending on the source, people with disabilities are two to seven times more likely to be raped. You see… they’re not considered reliable court witnesses so the big bad wolf is never convicted.

So for the two girls I couldn’t save because no one would testify for you and no one thought you were capable of testifying for yourself, #metoo

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