Before living in Utah I completed two back to back masters’ program, one in sociology where I did my research on how microfinance impacted women in developing countries and the other in physical anthropology. My thesis consisted of examining 2,000 year old Maya skeletal remains and determining if they were related based on markers on the bones. Humans are fascinating and didn’t think studying them through the lens of one discipline was enough. I spent some time as an adjunct teaching both sociology and physical anthropology. I’ve also given presentations about polyamory to the local poly/swinger/kink community and at a conference about polyamory called RelateCon. Currently, my full time job is social work geared toward vulnerable adults.

I was inspired to write this book when I began dating again after my divorce. The dating scene had completely changed since the last time I was actively looking for a partner so I did what I do best and began to do some research. This is when I was introduced to ethical non-monogamy. While I had dabbled in swinging towards the end of my marriage, this was different. The more I researched the idea the more it appealed to me so I began to apply ethical non-monogamy to my life. My book is the story of my transition into polyamory featuring actual journal entries from me during the rise and fall of my relationships that brought me to where I am now. In between my personal stories, I break down the scientific research that has been done related the topic of monogamy versus non-monogamy to see if there is a best way to do relationships.

I met my current partner shortly after I decided I wanted a polyamorous relationship, and we have been together almost two years and have lived together five months. He has another girlfriend he sees regularly who I get along with splendidly. I had a long distance relationship that lasted a few months and regularly go on dates with people I meet.


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